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Case Diesel Fuel Pump

Case Diesel Fuel Pump
Only $495

ADS Certified Shop
Rebuilt w/Warranty
Fits 580 Backhoe
Part# 3042F152


City Diesel is the Deutz dealer for all of East Tennessee

Offering a complete line of Navistar, CAT, Cummins, and GM replacement engines from Dealers Diesel. (now Reviva)

All engines carry a two-year unlimited mileage warranty and FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the continental US. 

Also available are Long Blocks for most applications below, call for availability and pricing.


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Deutz or Perkins Engines

Other Manufacturers We Carry

7.3L DI Engines - Complete Drop-In Configurations
1994-02 7.3 DI Powerstroke
1160 and 3208 Caterpillar - Complete Drop-In Configurations
1971-81 2800 RPM, 175 or 225HP
1974-81 Cal w/ EGR, 2800 RPM, 200HP
1974-81 210HP, 2600 or 2800 RPM, Front or Rear Sump, High Altitude, and Double Drilled Bell Housing
1982-87 Turbo, Front Sump, 215HP 2200 RPM, 225 or 250HP 2600 RPM
 8.3L, 5.9L, and 3.9L Cummins Engines - Complete Drop-In Configurations
1991-99 CPL 1288 Trailer Jockey, Yard Master, Yard Tractor, or Commando, 152HP
1989-90 CPL 804 Dodge 160HP
1991-95 CPL 1351, 1579, 1959, 1968 Dodge or Ford 160HP
1994-98 CPL 1550 Ford 175HP
1994-98 CPL 1551 Turbo Ford or Freightliner 190HP
1994-98 CPL 1552, 1553 Turbo Ford or Freightliner, 210 or 230HP
1991-93 CPL 1439 Ford or Freightliner 225HP
1991-93 CPL 1262 Ford or Freightliner 250HP
1991-93 CPL 1262 Ford or Freightliner 275HP
4B/3.9L Engines
1986-90 CPL 858, 767 Turbocharged Automotive, HMRO or LMRO 105HP
1986-93 CPL 857, 986, 1260, 1848 Turbo Automotive or High Speed Industrial, HMRO or LMRO 120HP
1994-98 CPL 1839 Oshkosk, M Line, LMRO 130HP
General Motors 6.5L Engines - Complete Drop-In Configurations
1992-93 Turbocharged with Mechanical Injection Pump
1994-99 Turbocharged with Electronic Fuel Injection Pump
1994-99 Non-turbocharged Mechanical Injection Pump
City Diesel 113 Dante Rd - Knoxville, Tennessee

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